Cheerp Licensing Terms


Open Source license

Community support

No royalties



Commercial license

Community support

No royalties*

Starting from £99, see below


Commercial license

Private support

No royalties*

Contact us

* Contact us if you would like to discuss different pricing options, e.g. including royalties.


Cheerp is distributed as a Free and Open Source Software under the University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License (core compiler) and under the GNU General Public License v2 (libraries). For commercial uses, Cheerp is also available with a non-copyleft proprietary license, private support, and premium features.

Community edition

Cheerp is open-source software, and is free for uses compliant with the GPLv2 license. You can use Cheerp at no cost for any of these projects, as well as for technical evaluation purposes. A GitHub project is available for bugtracking and feature requests.

You can use this license to develop any open-source application (including commercial ones) as well as closed-source, non-commercial applications. As parts of Cheerp are licensed under GPLv2, a copyleft license, if you distribute your application you must provide your users access to its sources under the same license.

If you are using Cheerp for developing closed-source, commercial applications you must purchase a commercial license.

Indie edition

We offer a flat-fee, royalty-free, commercial licence at a low price for Indie developers and small businesses (< 5 developers).

Indie licence pricing starts at £99 per developer, including one year of updates. Please contact our sales team at for a quote.

Enterprise Edition

This is the main Commercial license for Cheerp, available to businesses of any size. Please contact us at if you want to purchase a license, we will be happy to discuss and negotiate the pricing terms with you, tailored to your situation.

With our Enterprise license, you get the Cheerp compiler and libraries, additional tools (WebAssembly Memory Profiler, File System emulation), commercial support and prioritised feature request.


We offer a wide range of enterprise-grade consulting, porting and development services, tailored upon the customer's needs. For example:
  • Porting of C/C++ applications and libraries to WebAssembly and JavaScript
  • Performance and size optimisation for C/C++ applications converted to HTML5
  • Consulting
  • Code review (NDA-bound if required)
  • Training
Contact us at for inquiries. More information is available on our Services page.