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Converting your C++ and Java applications to the Web can be easy.

Let us help you.

Our services

We offer a range of consulting and porting services, to assist you in converting your C/C++ or Java application into an HTML5/JavaScript Web application.

We offer assistance on a fee basis where our staff will work directly on your code. We will leverage our expertise accumulated from working on multiple complex porting projects to help you port, develop, or optimize your applications.

As a first step, we will work with you to identify the service options that best suits your needs and timeline. For further information on our services, please contact us at

Service packages

Feasibility Analysis

If you are interested in exploring the route of converting your existing application to an HTML5 Web app, but you are unsure as to whether the project is feasible, we can carry out a feasibility study for you. We will work together to analyse your application and all of its dependencies. If your application is written in C/C++, we will usually need to inspect your source code. If your application is written in Java, the binary will normally be sufficient. As a result of this analysis:
  • We will identify any code that requires adaptation (native interfaces, binary components, etc.);
  • For all libraries for which the source code is not available, we will propose and explore alternatives;
  • For all functionalities that are natively exposed by browsers (compression/decompression, execution of JavaScript, WebGL, etc.), identifying how these can be leveraged.

Proof of concept conversion

We can provide a fully usable proof-of-concept conversion of your C++ or Java application into JavaScript, for your further evaluation. This is useful if you are interested in exploring the possibility of converting a large-scale project, and you want to minimise the technical risk.

We will take care of the whole process, starting from your application binaries (Java) or source (C++). We will make sure that the converted application will provide at least a restricted set of functionalities to be defined with you before the start of the project. After delivery of the proof of concept, we can provide support to your developers, should you decide to proceed with internal resources, or take care of the full porting effort.

Full Porting service

If you don't have the resources or the expertise to convert your C++ or Java application to JavaScript, we can do it for you. Our highly experienced team has many years of experience in the porting of applications using our tools Cheerp and CheerpJ. We will make sure your application is converted in a short time, and that the result looks and performs to your expectations.

Optimisations and WebAssembly consulting

Have you already converted your application, but could use some better performance or smaller footprint? We can help you with our team's many years of experience in the performance and size optimisation of converted web applications. We can assist you by analysing your original application (and its source code if in C++) and your toolchain to:
  • Optimize the performance of the compiled code;
  • Minimize the footprint of the output JavaScript files;
  • Evaluate using WebAssembly if advantageous.

Custom packages

We offer tailored Consulting and Support packages based on your specific needs. We will work with you to understand your requirements and timeline, and will propose a customized quotation.

Contact us at for consulting services inquiries.